Swagbucks.com Isn’t The Only Thing That’s Changed

TSG really hopes you’re enjoying the brand new Swagbucks.com. If you’re using the Swagbucks Toolbar, you should notice that there are some changes there too. This was the surprise TSG was referring to this morning.

Some of you have noticed already. But, if you haven’t…well I’ll tell you.

Before today, the toolbar never rewarded you unless there was an active Swag Code in it. Well, we’ll still be putting Swag codes in there but in addition to that…

From here on out, everytime you have the toolbar up on an active browser and are logged in, you’re eligible to earn Swag Bucks every day. Checking right now should give you 1 Swag Buck. Other days it may be more.

All you have to do is use the toolbar every day and you’re eligible to get varying amount of Swag Bucks from day to day.