Swagstakes Revamped!

Have you noticed the new Swagstakes section yet? Have you noticed there’s a ton more Swagstakes going on? Have you noticed we’ve introduced limited entries Swagstakes AND limited time Swagstakes?!?

It’s all very exciting. We’ve got even more to give away in the way of prizes, gift cards, Swag Bucks, electronics, DVDs and more.

Here’s a brief rundown of all the cool new stuff happening in the Swagstakes section:

  • 66 different prizes currently available (old Swagstore only had 9 or 10 at one time!)
  • BIGGER prizes like a 32″ LCD TV, 5-piece drum set, HD camcorder, and upright vacuum cleaner…just to name a few
  • Some entries cost as little as 2 Swag Bucks!
  • New Limited Entry Swagstakes that include a cap on the number of entries improves your chances of winning
  • Cyclical prizes so that as soon as one prize is awarded, another unit of the same prize is made available. So if you don’t win once, just try again!

Browse around, enter Swagstakes, get lucky.