The Facebook Starting Line Up

A little more than one week ago I ran a post in which I encouraged all you creative Steven Swagbergs (what? It’s Monday and my sense of humor doesn’t get going till later in the week) to create videos about Swag Bucks and send them to moi, TSG, at

We’ve had some great submissions come in since then, but one of my absolute favorite videos that came in wasn’t even addressed to my attention. Rather, some crafty Swaggernauts from our facebook fan page took it upon themselves to create a brief video honor roll and post it directly to the videos tab on our facebook page. See the video here:

This is such a cool video, particularly if you’re like TSG and spend a lot of time on our Wall getting to know our community. In fact, this video reminded me of a Sporting Event, and the way that members of the home team are introduced one by one. It’s also reminiscent of the opening credits to a TV show, and the different Swag personalities are like characters in the show.

Of course, that begs the question: if Swag Nation were a TV Show, what would we be called? Submit a comment to this post with a creative title. If you remember to include your Swag Name in your comment, and if I think it’s a particularly creative title, you may just end up being hooked up with some Swag Lovin’ (which is far less gross than it sounds)