This Week Only on YaySave…

This week TSG has been encouraging you to become a fan of YaySave on Facebook. The reason for this is that they’ve given out a Swag Code on their Facebook page that’s good for 15 Swag Bucks all day long! So go become a fan and get that code.

And, for a few months now we’ve been letting you know that if you take advantage of any of the great deals on you’ll get 100 Swag Bucks for every purchase. This week only, if you purchase 5 items in the next 5 days, you’ll receive 1,000 Swag Bucks! That’s 500 more Swag Bucks than you would normally. You have to purchase 5 items to qualify for that double amount.

has tons of great clothes at highly discounted prices. Check out their Facebook page and their site for your new Spring wardrobe.