Trade-In Your Old Games, Earn Some New Swag Bucks!

Do you love video games as much as TSG? I’ve been playing ’em since this came out:

Nowadays, you play a game and then you might be done with it, so it just kinda sits there while you move on to the next game. Instead of letting your old games collect dust, why not let them collect Swag Bucks? That’s right – you can trade in your old games with us and earn Swag Bucks while doing it! Just head over to our trade in area, enter your game, and see what we’ll give you for it!

Did you just buy MLB ’10 The Show for PS3? Give us your copy of the ’09 game with the instructions and box and you’ll net a cool 428 Swag Bucks! Only have the disc? Don’t sweat it – we’ll still give you 246 – not bad for a game you’re not playing anyway. Once you give us your info, we give you a shipping label to print out – print it, box up your game, and send it in! It’s an easy way to earn some major Swag Bucks that you can spend on other games!

Remember, we only accept North American/NTSC games, we DO NOT accept European/PAL games.

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