TSG has Hashtag Fever!!!

If you’ve been reading our blog over the past few weeks, you know that we’ve been looking for some fresh hashtags for our Twitter saavy Swaggernauts. We asked for your ideas, then took them and let YOU vote on which hashtag you wanted to see in the #swagbucks section of our homepage. Well, now we’ve narrowed it down to two, so go ahead and vote below to tell us which hashtag you think is best:

In fact, just to see how closely you’ve been paying attention, I’ve created a swag code based on the last hashtag poll in a recent blog post. Just look for the entry with 8 characters after the #, then enter the whole thing, hashtag and all in the “gimme” box and you’ll be the proud recipient of 7 swagbucks. This offer expires at 4:30pm Pacific Daylight Time, or 7:30pm Eastern Daylight Time. It’s just that easy. Stay tuned to see how this vote shakes out, too!