TSG Wants to Rock!!!

That’s right, Swaggernauts – you know TSG loves that rock n’ roll music – and if you’re a musician looking for a way to turn it up to 11, we’ve got just the item for you in our Swagstakes section: The Fender Frontman 65-watt Guitar Amp. For just 25 Swag Bucks you have a chance to win this awesome amp that can make you sound like the master himself, Jimi Hendrix.

It’s a limited time Swagstakes offer, and while it’s not expiring tomorrow, why wait? If you have the Swag Bucks now, you should go for it!

In honor of this classic Fender amp, I’m going to choose an EXTRA-rockin’ song for my Song of the Day on Twitter.

Keep on Rocking in the Swag World,