Twitter Trivia

Important News Flash: There will be no Twitter Trivia today!

As savvy Swaggernauts surely know, Thursdays are trivia day on the Swag Bucks twitter feed. Starting at 3:30 pm PDT we typically offer up 3 multi-part trivia questions with big reward opportunities for the first responders with the correct answer.’ The game tests your general knowledge, online search skills, and typing speed. See an example of a typical question here.

Unfortunately our regularly scheduled programming will not be seen today so that TSG and team can continue working on some of the upcoming new features which will be making their way to Swag Nation soon. It’s a bummer, I know.

However, to help you get your twitter fix I figured I’d share this really cool story I came across just the other day. If you’re TSG’s age (or thereabouts) you might remember a series of stories that were called Choose Your Own Adventure. The idea was that you had a book that told some kind of adventure story. Every couple of pages or so, the action would stop, and the reader would be presented with a choice on how the hero should act. Depending on which choice you made, the book would direct you to a new page which picked up the story you wanted to see. Your choice was the difference between having the protagonist meet a quick demise, or saving the day.

Why do I tell you all of this? No, it’s not to point out how old TSG is, but rather because a creative fellow has put together a version of the Choose Your Own Adventure story and is doing it entirely through twitter. Read more about it here. How cool is that?! Plus it shows how much fun you can have, and how creative you can be, on the twitter platform. So if you’re a new(ish) twitter user and you’re still trying to figure it all out, maybe this will help give you an idea of some of the ways you can make the micro-blogging service work for you!

Twitter Trivia will return next week. Until then, keep Swaggin’.