Video Made The Swaggernaut Star!

Swag Nation could use something like the bat symbol, don’t you think? Perhaps a way for Swaggernauts to alert TSG to something that needs attention (what ever happened to the code bunny?), or a way for TSG to alert all of y’all about some new promotion or exciting piece of news.

About two weeks ago I put out the call for the creative denizens of Swag Nation to create some new videos about Swag Bucks. I’m happy to report that some of you have taken me up on the challenge.

Here’s a brand new unboxing video that was recently sent our way. I’ve seen countless unboxing videos, but this one scored particularly high marks on the cuteness factor:

Remember, if you take a video of you, or a loved one, opening a Swag Bucks item that you’ve received in the mail, you can send it to and we’ll hook you up with some bonus bucks!

Of course, you can also create something a little more “out there” like this old submission from Swaggernaut Chris Mena. This is a classic video that I personally never get tired of watching.

Best video ever? Possibly. Think you can do better? I’ll be the judge of that.

Be Rewarded, and keep sending in those videos!