We Have A Winner!

Does anyone remember this post from last week when I asked you dear readers to come up with some more ideas on how to exercise at home? Well 86 of you came up with wonderful suggestions, but I haven’t been able to declare a winner! So today is the day! And the winner is (insert drum roll):

The McCullahs said…
Determined and Motivated,
I have recently lost 35 pounds and it has been hard work. My first piece of advice it; Never quit exercising! I am not saying never take a day off (I work out in three day cycles; 3 days on, one rest day) but even if you go through a period where you aren’t loosing weight, keep working out. If you stop exercising it will be that much harder to start up again!
On days I can’t make it to the gym and for days I really don’t feel like doing my regular workout I try to mix it up a bit.
1. I mix exercise with cleaning. When I pick up toys I do body squats and try to do them as fast as possible to get my heat-rate up.
2. When I go upstairs in our house I usually go up and down three times (So up, down, up, down, up, do what I went upstairs to do, go back down.) If I do this several time a day, I have burned extra calories!
3. If I am watching TV, I might walk during the show and run in place, or jump with an imaginary jump rope during commercials.
4. I love to put on music and dance with my kids.
5.I have a few exercise dvd’s that I keep on reserve. I try to trade them with friends when I get sick of them, that way we are both getting to try a new one!
6. Stretching while watching tv or doing sets of push-ups, sit-ups and body squats are always good!
7. Sometimes you just need to rest. You have to let your body recover! If you never take day off, you may do more harm than good!

You can work movement into lots of activities! If none of those work I will lend you my 1 and 2 year old, they keep me hopping!

Congrats and keep it up!!!

Congratulations McCullahs! Those are excellent suggestions. I also liked the idea of renting videos from Netflix or going to your local library and checking them out there. I have incorporated some of your suggestions into my own routine such as running in place while I watch tv and doing some ‘old fashioned’ exercises such as push-ups and lunges.

So keep up the good work my Swagsters!