What Happens In Swag Nation…Goes To Facebook

I’m sure by now most of you know that you can sign in to Swagbucks using your Facebook login through this button on your top bar

I’ve told you guys before about the benefits of connecting your Swag Bucks and facebook accounts, but what you might not know is that in order to get the full benefits of the connection you need to set your preferences on the My Account page. The easy way to get there is through the top bar

You will then be brought to a page that looks like this…

There you will be given 6 options of what Swag Bucks glory you would like to automatically share on your Facebook wall: When you win Swag Bucks through Search, Trade-In, or a Swag Code; Redeem a Prize; Get a Referral; or Make a Shop&Earn Purchase. Click on the items you want to share, don’t click on the ones you don’t – the power is completely in your hands…and your mouse.

Think about it – what better way to get referrals than by showing your friends all the rewards you’re earning from Swagbucks.com!

Pretty cool, huh?

I’ll answer that for you. Yes, yes it is 🙂