What’re You Watching?

If you’re watching TV on an old standard screen, pre-2000 television set, there’s nothing wrong with that. Not a thing in the world wrong with that. Not everyone needs all the frills that come with new technology and you might not even need a decent sized TV. You’re not about material things, you just want to be entertained. But, if you could get a crazy good TV for free, well why wouldn’t you? I don’t think your old TV will get its feelings hurt.

Right now we have a 32″ Sony Bravia TV in the Swagstakes section. You can win this awesome prize for as little as 35 Swag Bucks! Make sure to enter early and often. This Swagstakes ends in 66 days but you can bet your bottom dollar a lot of Swaggernauts will be vying for this.

Enter now and when people asked you how you got such a cool TV, just tell them you won it for being awesome, because that’d be true.