You Show Us The Swag, We Show You The Swag Bucks!

Who doesn’t love pictures? More importantly, who doesn’t love Swag Bucks? TSG loves them both, and that’s why I’m reminding you that our Flickr page is chock full of prize-winning photos. I’m not talking about a photo contest; I’m talking about photos OF users holding up prizes they won through Swagbucks! We love sharing the Swag love, and on our Flickr page by letting you celebrate with the Swagbucks community on our Flickr page.

As if that weren’t enough, we hook you up for sending us prize photos! If you send us a prize photo, we hook up up with 10 Swag Bucks per pic – users can send a maximum of 5. Not to get all “mathy” on you, but that means you can get up to 50 Swag Bucks just for taking and sending us photos of you with your prizes. That’s not a bad deal, especially for something you might do anyway to get referrals by uploading the same photo to Twitter, Facebook or your blog if you have one.

That’s just another way you can be rewarded. Plus, you can check out photos from past promotions we’ve done that involved user photos. We haven’t taken them down because we don’t have to and why would we?!

If you’ve got prize photos, send them to and you’ll see Bucks in your account and your pic hit our Flickr page. ┬áJust remember to keep it family-friendly, OK?

View the Swag over on our Flickr page and start snapping away!