You STILL Don’t Have The Swagbucks Toolbar?!?

If you’re a newer Swaggernaut you may not know that one of the coolest tools to have is the Swagbucks toolbar. This allows you to perform pretty much any function you can on Swagbucks itself while you’re on other pages and other sites. There’s also sweet add-ons ways to customize it that makes it a great hub for all your Internet activities, especially as they relate to Swagbucks.

More than that, you can get rewarded EVERY DAY from the Swagbucks toolbar. As long as you’re using your toolbar and you’re logged in, you’re eligible to be rewarded…just for having your toolbar up!

And, we also put Swag Codes in the toolbar from time to time. Times like right now, if you had the toolbar you could get yourself some Swag Bucks right now. Periodically, TSG will send out messages in the toolbar and some of the messages are Swag Codes. Like right now.

Check it….