American Idol Predictive Poll Results!

The American Idol Results Show is over, and now we’re down to 7 contestants, having sent home Andrew Garcia and Katie Stevens; Michael Lynche remained safe. I’m sure you remember that TSG decided to put you psychic powers to the test – if the Swag Nation correctly predicted both the Bottom 3 AND the two eliminations, I release a code today worth a whopping 20 Swag Bucks. However, if you didn’t get BOTH of the polls right, the code is worth a respectable 10 Swag Bucks. Our polls ended at 8:00pm EDT last night, and TSG took snap shots of the results: Let’s take a look and see what it’s gonna be for today:

Unfortunately, you didn’t get the Bottom 3 – Even if we made it a Bottom Four with Andrew, Katie, Michael and Tim. Even if we threw that question out, the Swag Nation had Andrew and Aaron Kelly headed home – Katie Stevens was behind him by one percentage point!
Overall, you guys are getting better at this! Next week is Idol Gives Back, but when we get back to the competition TSG will give you more chances to predict the outcome of this season of American Idol!
Until then, be on the lookout for your 10 Swag Buck code today!