ANOTHER Green Tip: Embrace Your Natural Beauty.

All day long TSG has been giving you some Swagbucks-inspired ways to be a more environmentally responsible Swaggernaut. I talked about getting things for yourself – but what about when TSG needs something for his Gal?
Well, fortunately for me we have this Naturally Lindy Swagstakes – for those of you who didn’t know about Naturally Lindy they use holistic, natural ingredients to create a line of skin products that help your special lady look and feel great. Plus, they never test their products on animals, making it a truly environmentally friendly product. To learn more about Naturally Lindy, click here.
8 Swag Bucks for a shot at a Naturally Lindy skin care package like this is a steal. Go enter now and show YOUR special Gal that you care about her AND the planet.