Cracking the Codes

All the time, I see people asking how they can get Swag Codes. When are they coming? How do I find them? Where are they posted? Did I miss a code?

All good questions, to be sure, and the answer is simple: The best way to know about Swag Codes is to be prepared. How do you stay prepared? Here are 5 simple steps to never miss out on a code. Amazingly enough, all of them can be found in the menu to the left on the Swagbucks homepage:

1. Read the Blog. You’re doing that right now! Good for you! We put codes smack dab in the middle of blog posts sometimes, and if we don’t put the code here, more times than not we’ll post a clue here, especially when the code is hidden elsewhere on the site.

2. Follow us on Twitter. You’ll find TSG on Twitter most of the day, chatting it up with you Swaggernauts and letting you know about the goings on here at Swagbucks HQ. I’ll also tell you lots of times when codes are out and I might even put one out there just for my tweeps!
3. Be our fan on Facebook. When a code has hit, you’ll see the loyal Swaggernauts of Facebook thanking TSG. More than that they’re really cool, really welcoming, and really helpful to those having trouble finding a code – they’re more than happy to give you a hint if you need it.
4. Install the Toolbar. The toolbar is awesome. I’ve established that over and over. Sometimes we post codes just for the toolbar folk, so if you DON’T have the Toolbar, you’re going to miss it!
5. Use the Swidget. There’s a button on the widget that you can use to check for codes! A code button! That tells you when there are codes! CRAZY!!! Not only that, it’ll often tell you where to look and sometimes has its own special codes. Here’s how you install it on your Facebook profile page.
So there you go – 5 simple ways to stay on top of the latest in the world of Swag Codes, because you never know where or when one will strike.
Let this serve as a notice that you have been warned…