Delivering TSG’s Song of The Day in a New Way…

TSG loves bringing you the Song of the Day – if you follow me on Twitter you’ve probably noticed that I link to a youtube video of the song for your listening (and viewing) pleasure. I’ve decided to switch to a new system for sharing the song of the day because I wanted to use something that would allow YOU to come play music with me!

Enter, a site where you’re the DJ, spinning tunes for your friends on Twitter, Facebook and beyond!
Signing up is really easy and free. The site is pretty easy to use, too – just search the name of the song or artist you want to play and a list will come up – you can preview a song before you “Blip” it so you can make sure it’s a version you like. You can also give DJs “props” when they play songs you like, and “reblip” them if you want their songs added to your playlist too. As you gain more listeners and blips more songs, you even earn badges! Here’s the best part – if you miss my Song of the Day, you can just stop over to my Blip page and see all the songs I’ve blipped!
It’s a really cool site that I think you’ll really enjoy.
I’m really excited to be using, and I hope you’ll explore it with me!