Geo-Caching Update

Wow. TSG is floored. The feedback about Swagbucks maybe getting involved in Geo-Cachingwas absolutely astounding. 113 comments?! You guys love your Geo-Caching. Judging from the comments and the results of our poll, it seems that a lot of you are interested in Geo-Cachingfor Swag Bucks. Here’s how the poll results look:

Clearly, if we were to use Geo-Caching there would be a number of considerations, from including access for those Swaggernauts that can’t reach certain areas to making sure the placement of items allows for the maximum access for all Swaggernauts.
I can tell you this – we’re always looking for fun and new ways to get you Swaggernauts involved and earning more Swag Bucks, and I know you guys like hunting for them, so stay tuned – you just might be globe-trotting for Swag Bucks?
Well, neighborhood trotting at the very least.