Happy Earth Day!!!

TSG is all over Earth Day – celebrating an eco-friendly way of life and giving back to the planet that’s kind enough to house us is pretty cool. Of course, everyone at Swag Central believes in reducing our carbon footprint – that’s why we carry so many eco-friendly products in the Swag Store. In case you didn’t remember, this month is Green Month at Swag Central – we’ve given you a bunch of opportunities to go green with us (and reward your good deeds with Swag Bucks).

Take some time during the day to learn more about our eco-friendly products and recycling programs, all of which can help you earn some Swag Bucks while helping heal the planet.
If you’ll remember, a while back TSG even asked you about some of the ways you Swaggernauts help save the planet. Here are five of my favorites – figured I’d let you vote on yours: