Happy Easter from Swag Bucks!

TSG and all of Team Swag Bucks would like to wish you a very happy Easter! May your baskets be full of goodies, your brunches be amazing, and your eggs easy to find and colorful!

Speaking of eggs…I’ve taken the liberty of creating a special egg hunt for the occasion.

To earn 12 Swag Bucks before 5:00 pm PDT on 4/4/10 you’ll need to answer this one, simple question:

Easter marks the end of what religious period?

Enter the answer in UPPER CASE in the gimme box on Swagbucks.com or on the My Account page of any other Search&Win site to redeem your Bucks. I wish I could have offered you 40 Swag Bucks for this one, but c’mon, that wasn’t gonna happen 🙂

Now go get em!

Have a wonderful Easter, Swaggernauts!