Keeping It Fun For Everyone

TSG wrote last week about how great our Facebook fan page community is at welcoming people and helping the newer Swaggernauts learn the ropes.

For those of you who are thinking of heading over there or are new to Swagbucks, allow me to give you some tips that’ll make the experience more enjoyable for you (and everyone else):
Don’t post your referral links on the Wall.
The Facebook fan page is all about connecting with and talking to other Swagbucks users, not to post referral links to sites not part of Swag Nation. If I see this kind of behavior you’re going to be reported as spam and banned from the page. I don’t want to have to do that – I like you!
Be Respectful.
This covers a pretty wide range of topics. Think about the fact that you’re visiting a site devoted to Swagbucks. We’re fortunate enough to have people from all walks of life using and enjoying Swagbucks, and because of the diversity of our community there are bound to be opposing thoughts on certain issues. Everyone is entitled to an opinion and a point of view, and there’s an appropriate time and place to share/discuss those views, however the Swagbucks Facebook wall is not that place. Along the same lines, please be respectful in the language you use – it’s a family page, and we don’t tolerate foul or abusive language.
Don’t Ask For/Post Active Swag Codes.
TSG enjoys putting out Swag Codes and watching as you guys find and redeem them, and I think the game of the hunt is enjoyable for most Swaggernauts. Many Swaggernauts on the Facebook page will help out with clues once they’ve discovered the code, but posting the code is grounds for reporting and banishment. Games are much more fun when everyone plays!

Ask Questions!
The people who have been on the wall for a while are friendly and really knowledgeable about Swagbucks – feel free to ask questions if there’s something you need to know. I’m also popping on and off the page all day, so I’ll help when I can – you can also consult the FAQ section of our site to get answers too!
Use the Discussions section!
The Discussions section is where I host a discussion every weekday about something off-topic – it’s a fun way to learn a little more about your fellow Swaggernauts and usually starts other interesting discussions. You can start your own discussions too – many Swaggernauts looking for feedback on their blogs/websites or who have a Swagbucks related question start their own threads. You can too, but check first to see if your question/issue/discussion hasn’t already taken place elsewhere in that section.
I appreciate you all respecting these guidelines, as it’s very important to me that everyone enjoy their experience on the Facebook page. By adhering to these basic rules, you’ll find it’s a lot more fun.