Reponse to Jerry Okene RE: Lion


There was never a lion and of course yours truly played the part of Jerry Okene (J. Okene – Jokin’). When TSG accepts the Oscar, he’ll be sure to thank the entire Swag Nation!

NOTE: No animals were harmed in the making of this prank.

For those Swaggernauts that are a bit confused, let me walk you through the whole thing:

1. At midnight the lion was set loose on the Swag Store – when the blog post about it went live “Jerry” was there commenting on it. He has his own Facebook, email, Twitter and Swagbucks accounts and magically had enough Swag Bucks to afford ol’ Jesse (with enough left over for a $50 Amazon Gift Card so he could buy some steaks for our Lion friend.

He redeemed his bucks and we were there to take the pics.

Then the complaining began. You swaggernauts are smart cookies, so we did our best to throw you off the scent, even going so far as to post a message to “Jerry” asking him to contact our legal deptartment! Then the Facebook war began.

Let me tell you right now, arguing with yourself on Facebook is more than a small strain on your wrists and fingers.

Now, thankfully, the charade is over, and I can just be TSG.

On a serious note, we do NOT condone the inhumane treatment of animals (especially keeping them in our warehouse and shipping them!). For more information on this subject, we encourage you to visit the Humane Society. The best way to fight a problem like this is through education.

Finally, since you were all such good sports about this, how about a code for you?



in the Gimme box and you’ll be treated to a 17 spot. Hurry – the code expires at 5:45pm PDT.

and THAT’S no joke.