Survivor Predictive Poll Results

Last night was definitely a doozy of an episode, with the recently merged tribe still engaged in a power struggle. Jerri won her first ever immunity idol, and Russell found the hidden immunity idol and played it in what turned out to be his biggest misstep playing the game so far. Ultimately Amanda of the former heroes tribe went home, but it looks like next week’s episode is ful of questions. Will Candice, who switched allegiances last night, remain in the villains voting block, or will she and new “hero” Sandra remain with the Heroes? Will Parvati and Russell fall apart or continue to control the game? TSG can’t WAIT for next Thursday night. Here were the results you predicted:

Since you didn’t get either answer correct, I won’t be putting out any more Swag Codes today. Next week I’ll give you the chance to roll the dice again for a different reward in the Survivor Predictive Poll!

What did YOU think of this week’s episode?