Two Swagstakes Ending TODAY!!!

Good Morning Swag Nation! Before we get too late into the day, TSG wanted to remind you that there are two Swagstakes (both PERFECT for a certain Maternally-centered holiday coming up soon) expiring today at 12:45pm PDT:

This Sunbeam Mixmaster 12-Speed Stand Mixer only costs 9 Swag Bucks for a single entry. It is a great all around kitchen tool that will be used more than you would think!

This $100 Sephora Gift Card is a great gift that lets your mother pamper herself – it only costs you 12 Swag Bucks to enter!
While you’re at it, why not spend 21 Swag Bucks and enter both! If you plan on entering, hurry! In the time it took to read this, precious time ticked off the clock – yikes!
Good Luck,