You Get Bucks With A Little Help From Your Friends

Hey there Swaggernauts! As you’re enjoying your Easter Sunday with family and friends, TSG thought it might be nice to remind you of yet another one of our Winning Tips – mostly because this one is all about friends and family. Did you know that you can use referrals to earn up to 1,000 Swagbucks? You didn’t?! It’s Winning Tip #3!

Here’s how it works:

2. When THEY search & win, YOU win Swag Bucks in matching amounts (up to 1,000). This doesn’t include bonus Swag Bucks they earn or Shop & Win Swag Bucks.
One of the things we’re proudest of here at Swagbucks is the loyal community of Swaggernauts that TSG gets to talk with and see everyday. I hope you’ll help us make this community even bigger (and earn yourself some Swag Bucks while doing it)! I love meeting new Swaggernauts and seeing how supportive, welcoming and helpful the community is when “newbies” have questions. You guys make me proud.
Keep doing it!