Duh duh duh. Duh duh duh.

In case you’re wondering if TSG has lost his mind (or ability to speak English judging by the title of this blog post), the answer is a resounding “no”. That was actually my poort attempt to hum the theme music Sports Center, the innovative broadcast that has become synonymous with sports news.

As you know, TSG frequently has sports on his mind. Particularly on a day like today when the Dodgers and Lakers are both playing, and the Stanley Cup Finals are starting. However what has me all up in a tizzy is a special offer we’re currently presenting that I think is great for Father’s Day, which is right around the corner.

For a limited time, get a 26 week subscription to ESPN the magazine for the low price of $29.95 and earn 510 Swag Bucks! Plus, this deal comes with a bonus gift pack, containing a t-shirt, mug, and more. I’ll let you decide who gets to keep that.

To redeem this fantastic swaggertunity, simply visit Swagbucks.com and be sure to be logged in. You’ll notice that the first image in our rotating slide show (see the main image at the top of this post) is all about this offer. Simply click on that slide and proceed past the screen which follows it. There you’ll be brought to an offer page where you can fill in the recipient and billing information.

It’s that easy.