Have You Boldly Gone?

TSG knows that there are a bunch of Trekkers out there in the Swag Nation who are loving Roddenberry Search, where your searching earns you Tokens good for all sorts of Trek and Roddenberry related Swag. It’s a dream come true for fans of ALL the Star Trek series.
When you think about it, the 44 year history of the Star Trek Franchise has given us SIX different TV series. I figured I would take a poll to see which series is your favorite:
Also, since we’re all catching Roddenberry fever, how about a special Roddenberry code? The code is the LAST name of one of the Captains (ALL CAPS) from these series plus the year it debuted, so for example if it was Captain Ahab from a show that debuted this year the code would be:
The code will snag you 9 Tokens on Roddenberry search until 3pm PDT. Remember: to redeem codes on our partner sites you have to first click on “My Account” in the menu bar up top.
Live Long and Prosper,
Remember that