Here’s to American Idol’s Top 3!

Alright guys, after tonight’s American Idol we’ll be down to our final two – but before that (East Coasters! Don’t ruin it for us on the West Coast!), I thought I’d share my favorite performance from each contestant.

First of all, who can forget Casey James’ amazing performance of Jealous Guy during Beatles week?

Was any AI contest meant to sing a song more than Crystal Bowersox was meant to sing Me & Bobby McGee?

And of course, when Lee DeWyze started into his rendition of “Beast of Burden”, you knew he was going deep into the competition:

No matter who gets into the Final Two, there’s no doubt that someone with monster talent is going to win it.

Speaking of winning, how about giving you Swaggernauts a chance to win 9 Swag Bucks right now?

Each of these three songs was made famous by a rock star from the 60s. The Swag Code that’ll grab you 9 is the last names of TWO of those singers, ALL CAPS.

So if the singers had the last names Snap, Crackle and Pop, the code MIGHT be CRACKLESNAP.

I’ll give you until 5:15pm PDT to figure it out.

Good luck!