Lift Every Voice and Sing

Admit it: You’ve always wanted to sing. Whether you just sing in the shower or have dreams of one day hearing your name announced to thousands of screaming fans, there’s nothing like being able to belt out a tune with confidence.

If you’re looking to give your pipes a good workout, you don’t have to look any further than our new collection of Voice Lessons To Go in the Swag Store. With lessons for the singers with all different levels of skill and experience, Voice Lessons To Go is a system created by trained opera singer and voice performer Ariella Vaccarino – you can take entire lessons from the comfort of your home and even email files of yourself singing to Ariella for her feedback. You can also keep up on the latest tips and advice from Ariella on the Voice Lessons To Go blog.
So whether you’re a casual songbird or a serious vocalizer, you can benefit from Voice Lessons To Go.
If you DON’T get them, you run the risk of sounding like this guy: