No Phone Zone

TSG believes in safety first. That’s why I don’t advocate using your cell phone in the car – it’s just plain dangerous. I also know that there will be times where Swaggernauts feel like they need to take a call while driving or make one.

Since we can’t make everyone sign a NO PHONE ZONE contract, what we can do is make stuff like the Motorola H385 Bluetooth Headset available through a Swagstakes. Swaggernaut crackerjacker from Walkerton, IN just won one of these, and now we’ve started anotherlimited-entry Swagstakes. A single entry only costs 32 Swag Bucks – a small price to pay for your well-being. If that’s not enough, this thing looks sleek and cool:

When I wear mine I always feel like a super-spy behind enemy lines.
The name is Guy. The Swag Guy.