Picture + Facebook Connect = 13

13 Swag Bucks, that is. Don’t forget that if you upload a photo to your Swagbucks account AND activate your Facebook Connect settings by May 31st you’ll earn yourself 13 Swag Bucks. Both can be done from the My Account Settings section.
We’ll be awarding the Swag Bucks during the first week of June, so if you do your photo upload and Facebook Connect settings this very instant, you won’t see the Swag Bucks until that first week of June.
Also, you need to check at least one of the six options for Facebook settings to get the bucks. TSG knows that some of you are concerned about overloading your friends’ Facebook streams with TMI – you’ll see below that you can choose one of the options that happens less frequently and you should be fine:
If you’ve already been rewarded for either a photo upload or Facebook connect settings, you won’t be getting any bucks for doing the other – however, you would have already received the same amount of Swag Bucks anyway! On the plus side, if you’ve done both but didn’t get a credit for either, you’ll automatically be credited when we credit everyone else.
Alright, Swaggernauts – that’s enough from me – jump to it!