Release Your Inner Klingon!

DaHjaj ‘oH QaQ jaj!

In Klingon, that loosely translates to “today will be a good day”. For Star Trek and Roddenberry Search fans it’s a GREAT day, because you have the chance to win this Sword of Kahless Prototype prop through a special sweepstakes! 16 Roddenberry tokens gets you and entry to this sweepstakes for this awesome prize. It’s here at Swag Central – I’ve seen it and held it. Rest assured: it is mighty. The drawing for this prize will be held on September 1st.
If you don’t have a lot of Tokens, I’ll get you halfway there – I’m going to ask you a trivia question – the answer to that question (ALL CAPS) will be a Roddenberry code worth 8 tokens – remember that you must go to the “My Account” section of Roddenberry Search to find the gimme box.
You’ll have until 5:30pm PDT to get this answer/code:
What is the word for Klingon coffee?
If you need help finding the answer, why not use Roddenberry Search?
Good luck,