SwagTime is Back!

The other Lakers fans may call it Showtime, but you guys know that TSG does it a little differently. Kobe, Pau and the Zen master have guided the Lakers back into the NBA Finals for a rematch with the Celtics.

We STILL remember ’08, Celts – it’s going to be a little different this time – I know that the Lakers can do it! To commemorate the storied Lakers/Celtics rivalry I’m highlighting the two men who best embody it: Magic Johnson and Larry Bird.
Before Michael flew, these two men dominated the NBA. Two Hall of Famers. Two of the greatest players of all time; one an oversized point guard who could beat you with his flashy moves, breathtaking passes and clutch scoring. The other a hard-working, unselfish team player who could do it all and frequently did.
Two players whose cards are available in the Swag Store. For 200 Swag Bucks apiece you can snag these collectible trading cards from the heyday of 80s Basketball.

Why not buy them both? You could set up a little 2-dimensional basketball court and pit them against one another in the ultimate game of one on one – a true battle to determine who, once and for all, is the best of all time…

Or you could put them in protective casing. Your call. By the way, both cards earn you a Swago piece!