We’re Giving You Some Credit Here…

TSG wanted to let you Swaggernauts know that your Swag Bucks are on their way. If you participated in our Go Green promotion in April, the extra 50% on the Swag Bucks from your cell phone trade in will be credited between Monday (5/31) and Wednesday (6/2 of next week).

Furthermore, if you took advantage of the Ice.com Mother’s Day promotion, you’ll be credited with the difference between what you earned for your purchase and 1000 Swag Bucks, so if you earned 150 for your Mother’s Day purchase you’ll receive 850 Swag Bucks (1000-150). That’ll also be happening between 5/31 and 6/2.
With all the rewarding stuff happening on those days, I’ll bet today is getting a little jealous, so here’s a Swag Code to make today feel better. Enter until 5:00pm PDT and you’ll score 7 Swag Bucks!