What Are YOUR “Winning Words”?

One of TSG’s favorite parts of our Facebook Fan Page is watching you Swaggernauts share your searching wins on the wall. They range from the straightforward to the bizarre – about the only thing they have in common is the fact that they all yielded a win! Sometimes I think we don’t even realize what we’ve typed into the search window until we look!

With that in mind, I thought it might be fun to have a little “Winning Words” contest – here’s how it’ll work:
– Go about your normal searching through Swagbucks. No need to search for stuff that is abnormal for you.
– When you experience a win, take a screenshot that includes:
– Proof of the win
– What you were searching for
– At least one of the results from your search
– Once you’ve done that, go to our Facebook fanpage click the “Events” tab. Go to the Winning Words event, mark your self as “Attending” and post your screenshot on the event wall. I’ll be accepting photos until midnight PDT on Thursday night.
– On Friday morning I’ll randomly collect 5 entries, feature them in a blog post and let YOU guys vote for your favorite – it can be the funniest, most ironic, or even the one that tugs at your heartstrings! I’ll tally the votes over the weekend and announce the winner on Monday.
What does the winner receive? How does 500 Swag Bucks sound?
I thought so.
You can enter multiple times, but I will not put multiple entries from one person into the final five.
I encourage all of you to check out each other’s wins, too – after all, it’s always interesting to see what people are winning for, right?