Winning Tips: Promote!

Hey there Swaggernauts! Sunday is a day for relaxing and just having fun – TSG thought it might be fun to remind you of yet another one of our Winning Tips. A while back I told you how referrals are an easy way to earn Swag Bucks. Some people want to know how to get more referrals. That’s what today’s winning tip is all about! Coming in at number 8, promoting is a great way to create awareness about Swagbucks, which ultimately brings you more referrals.

We have a bunch of tools available for you, including banners for your blog, buttons for an email signature or social networking profile. You can find all of these (and your referral link, which you can also use to email friends) by clicking here.

Have you found a fun and interesting way to promote? Share it in the comments and help your fellow Swaggernauts!