Winning Words Results

Before TSG announces the winner of our Winning Words Contest, it needs to be said that the sheer volume of entries was really impressive. Thank you to all of the Swaggernauts (over 2000 in all) who submitted screenshots and participated – it made this whole process even more fun!

As you know, the Final 5 were announced on Friday and TSG has been tallying your votes, and is ready to announce the winner:
Congratulations to Swaggernaut Dragonfire, who might recall won for searching “I Give Up”. Of course, this is actually a good way to show that you should NEVER give up, since these words have now won for Dragonfire TWICE, the second time to the tune of 500 Swag Bucks!
Also, just for making the Final 5 I’ll be awarding the four other finalists with 50 Swag Bucks each.
Thanks for participating everyone, and who knows? Another Winning Words Contest may be coming soon…