Ask The Swag Gal: June 9, 2010

Greeting Swaggenauts. It’s Wednesday, which means it’s time for another installment of Ask The Swag Gal.

Hi Swag Gal,

It is my 31st birthday on Wednesday, and I have inadvertently found out my family is planning a surprise party for me on Saturday June 12th. Now, how do I play this off without letting on that I know? And if they ask me if I knew about it, do I lie and say I had absolutely no idea or do I fess up and tell them I found out?


Birthday Girl

Birthday Girl, Don’t fret over finding out that the people in your life have worked hard for something you might have spoiled, enjoy it! I say you have two facts to abide by, it’s fun to watch people be sneaky and communication is always a good thing, especially when it involves being sneaky. Here are The Swag Gal’s rules to being sneaky:

1. Make sure nobody gets hurt.

2. Wear the wildest costume you can create with the accessories, clothing and treasures you forgot you owned.

It’s fun to be surprised. Plus, it’s hard work, planning and a lot of love that goes into surprising the people you care for the most. Now it’s your turn to provide them with an extravagant thank you, just as or after they pop the big word, “SURPRISE!” You know your friends and family better than anyone, you know what brings them together when it’s not only for the love they have for you, so bring it girlie! Have fun!

Good luck and Happy Birthday!

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