Do Your Profiles ASAP!

By now a lot of Swaggernauts have been using Swag Bucks Trusted Surveys, which also means that you’ve already filled out your profiles, which can be found in your Survey Dashboard and GUARANTEE you Swag Bucks for completing them.

You can score a pretty seriously payday for completing those profiles if you do them all, and that’s because they’re still paying at a promotional rate. So here’s the good news and the bad news.
Bad news first: The value of these Profiles is going to decrease, so if you don’t fill them out before the decrease you won’t be able to get as much when you DO fill them out.
Now the GOOD news: We won’t be making the change for another 8 days, which is June 29th, Until then, go fill out those profiles and earn those Swag Bucks. Also, since users must have 7 days of Swagbucks membership under their belts to participate in Surveys, even if you’ve just joined today you’ll qualify in time to cash in at the promotional rates.