Help TSG get onto the Wall of Winners!

Help! TSG just starting using this awesome free Facebook app called Wall of Winners, where you get to share the victories of your life both big and small with friends and the public. I thought you guys would enjoy this since Swagbucks is all about winning – whether it’s today’s highlighted 25 Swag Buck bill or redeeming for an awesome prize. When you post a “win”, people can vote and give it a “thumbs up” – get enough of those thumbs and you make it onto the Wall of Winners – I REALLY want to be on that wall!

Therefore, I made a promise – if I reach the top of the wall of winners by Friday, July 2nd I’ll be donating some wonderful apparel we have lying around the Swag Store to people in need through our local Goodwill. Once you become my friend on WOW you’ll be able to see some of the items I’ll be donating. Unfortunately, I’ve kinda started out in the hole here – in fact, I’m at the bottom of the Wall of Losers!
The only thing that’s going to get me on the Wall of Winners is you Swaggernauts voting for me! Here’s what I need you to do:
1. Go to the WOW App on Facebook and build your profile – you get 20 free thumbs just for registering.
2. Click on the “Wall of Losers” link to the left – you’ll see me sitting at the top. (sniff) Click on my picture to head to my profile page:

3. Give me a Thumbs Up by clicking the green thumb button – When you do, you’ll receive a special Swag Code (#2 for the day) that’ll snag you a 5 spot!
You’ll have until 12:00pm PDT tomorrow (June 8th) to get earn Swag Bucks for give me thumbs.
Throughout the week, play around with WOW and add some wins – take screenshots of those wins and post them to special Facebook Event I’ve created – once you click “attending” on that event you’ll be able to post your pic!
Keep in mind that the 4 users with the top scores will be in the Featured Winners section. Also, I’ll be sending you updates via my WOW profile every Monday.
Thanks for your help!