Introducing: Swagbucks Trusted Surveys!

TSG couldn’t be more excited to introduce a HUGE new feature that can earn you daily Swag Bucks and give you a chance to earn BIG Swag Bucks every day: Swag Bucks Trusted Surveys!

Many of you are familiar with online surveys, and you may not have the highest opinion of them. Frankly, I don’t blame you. Many sites that offer “surveys” are invasive, ugly, and disrespectful with the information they ultimately collect.

Swag Bucks Trusted Surveys are different! We’ve spent years (yes, years) building out a platform that carries only targeted, lucrative surveys from major companies. All the information that you fill out in the surveys is confidential. Period. We searched the internet far and wide in order to bring you the most reliable, trustworthy platform, and did I mention the rewards?

Swag Bucks Trusted Surveys hooks you up in two ways:

1) Visit your Survey dashboard once a day to be eligible to earn a Swag Bucks.

That’s right, Trusted Surveys join the Daily Poll, Toolbar, and No Obligation Special Offers (NOSOs) as the fourth way to earn a Swag Buck every day. That’s 120 Swag Bucks you can be adding to your account every month.

2) Fill out Profiles and Surveys to receive targeted Surveys which payout BIG Swag Bucks.

Your personalized Survey dashboard is constantly being updated with new opportunities. What you see in the morning, is not necessarily what you’ll see in the afternoon, and not what you’ll see in the evening.

With me so far? Great.

Here’s what else you need to know: Swag Bucks Surveys are open to any user who has been on for at least one week’s time. If you are brand new to the site, you will need to stick around for at least 7 days to open up this feature, but it’s worth the wait!

For everybody else, you can begin earning Swag Bucks NOW. Start by finding the Surveys link under the “Ways To Earn” menu item in the top bar, or the Quick Links on the left hand side of our homepage.

After agreeing to get started, you’ll have to fill out a secure information form that we’ll use to bring you the surveys that you’re most likely to qualify for.

I have to emphasize the importance of being thorough and honest when you fill out the information form – if not, you aren’t helping anyone because you’ll be brought trusted surveys that you’ll have a much lower chance of qualifying for, which in turn affects your earning ability. I can’t stress enough that you won’t get as much out of this if you aren’t completely honest.
Below is an image of the Trusted Surveys dashboard, which lists the trusted surveys available for you, how long they take to complete, how many Swag Bucks they award you, and the percentage likelihood that you’ll qualify for it – as you Swaggernauts who have previously taken surveys know, you often need to spend a minute or two answering qualifying questions before finding out if you’re able to take a survey:

There is, however, one survey that has a 100% chance of awarding you Swag Bucks, and that’s the Swagbucks satisfaction survey that takes about 10 minutes to complete.
That brings me to another point: these surveys take time – sometimes up to 45 minutes. And sometimes you can spend 5-10 minutes answering pre-survey questionnaires only to discover that you don’t qualify for the survey. I know that’s frustrating, but it’s the only way to ensure that you are a qualified user. Completing all your profiles honestly and accurately will help reduce the likelihood that we show you the low percentage likelihood surveys.

Ultimately, you need to decide whether these offers are worth your time. If you decide that it’s not, that is fine. Don’t participate, because we have algorithms that will detect inconsistencies in survey-taking – if you finish a 45 minute survey in 20 minutes because you were speeding through, you won’t get the Swag Bucks for it, plain and simple.

If you want to earn the BIG bucks (which you can, since the trusted surveys dashboard is updated several times a day), being accurate in your answers is the only way.
As soon as you land on the Survey dashboard, you can start earning Bucks right away by completing “profiles”. These are general question surveys about your specific interests. The information you complete here is always secure, and NEVER shared with any advertisers. In total, there are 18 profiles that take 10-25 minutes to complete and earn you between 10-25 Swag Bucks. Once you’ve earned the Bucks for a particular profile you cannot earn them again. Completing these profiles accurately can be doubly rewarding since having that information will help us bring you more targeted Trusted Survey opportunities:

Everyone here at Swagbucks Central is really excited to bring you Swagbucks Trusted Surveys – it’s going to mean more bucks more often for the Swag Nation.
Is that EVER a bad thing?