It’s Like, You Should Like, Like stuff

Yes, TSG is bringing back the Valley Girl talk of the 80s, but only for this post. Any more than that, and things could get grodie to the max.

The real reason I’m using the word “Like” so much is because of two “rewarding opportunities” coming your way this week on Facebook if you “Like” (formerly becoming a fan of) two particulr Facebook pages:
First is YaySave, which offers killer deals on clothing and accessories. They announce exclusive new deals on their Facebook page every Thursday, and this week, they’ll be releasing a speical Swag Code to fans as well – you won’t want to miss it.
The second is WOW, which I wrote about earlier today. Not only can you earn 12 Swag Bucks for posting a win until Noon tomorrow – you can also receive and exclusive Swag Code for being their fan on Facebook.
If ever there were a time to get on Facebook…