Playing the Blus

No, TSG didn’t misspell the word Blue. I’m talking about Blu-Ray, the technology that brings us sharp, crystal clear high definition DVD yumminess. The above Panasonic Blu-Ray player is available through a Swagstakes that ends on Monday and only costs 19 Swag Bucks to enter – well worth it for a chance to win this incredible piece of home entertainment equipment.

I’ve watched movies in Blu-Ray, and I can tell you firsthand that there is a HUGE difference in picture quality – sometimes a movie looks even better than it did when it was released in the theater. If you already have an HD Television you NEED to have one of these bad boys.
Don’t have Blu-Ray DVDs? Don’t worry; standard definition DVDs work just fine in Blu-Ray players (in fact, the machine squeezes every bit of quality out of that disc through a process called “up conversion”.
Finally, the player connects to the internet, so you can get the weather and watch YouTube videos – like this one: