Summer Swag Spotlight: 39 Swag Buck Bill!

It’s getting hot outside and even hotter here on Swagbucks, because Summer Swag has arrived! Today we’ve got one very special bill coming your way in every seventh win – it’s the 39!

39 is a great number – NFL Hall of Famer Larry Csonka and Baseball Hall of Famer (and Dodger) Roy Campanella sported 39 on their jerseys, and most important of all, every seventh searching win today will get 39 Swag Bucks! Just do your normal searching on you’ll get a one in seven shot at today’s featured bill.
The other big news is Birthday Bucks! If your birthday is today, you’re getting a brand spanking new 50 Swag Buck bill! If it’s not your birthday today, don’t worry – you’ll get your 50 when your birthday rolls around. More about that will be coming later, though.
For now, get out there and win some big bucks!