TSGal Presents: A Summer of Stars And Stripes

Hello Swagsters!

Well isn’t this an exciting time around Swag Nation?! Personally I’m really excited for this new Surveys feature that TSG introduced earlier this afternoon. Way to go team Swag Bucks!

But the real reason that I’m writing to you today is that I’ve got holidays on my mind. All of the recent chatter about Memorial Day & Fathers Day really got me peering into the future and thinking of the other summer holidays that bring together the community. I nearly forgot how close, July 4th was.

If you are like me and stoked to take full advantage of the party time the summer heat provides (decorations, BBQs and camaraderie), you too should take look in our always reliable Swag Store to pick up a few of your favorite July 4th favors.

As someone who hates dishes but loves to eat, the Stars and Stripes Disposable Plates would be so PERFECT to use while devouring apple pie topped with vanilla ice cream and watching fireworks pop-off overhead.

Another great find is this pinwheel. I think I particularly like it because it gets my mind spinning on ways to make a homemade hand fan.

Iā€™d love to pass out hand fans to my guests, so they can sit outside on the patio, fan themselves as the heat rises and take home a small memory. Does anyone in this Swag Nation know how to make such a thing?

Finally, while not in our July 4th category of reward items, but still relevant to the holiday, I found an eco friendly, ā€œSupport Our Troopsā€, water canteen that I can latch onto my shorts, so I am never dehydrated and still remain festive during all the partying.

Everything I’ve showed you is available now at unbeatable Swag prices. So don’t let summer holidays catch you unprepared. Stock up on all your seasonal supplies today in the Swag Store!

Until next time,