A Hair-y Situation

Afternoon Swagsters!

With hair being the forefront of our confidence and style it’s always important for us to continue seeking ways to keep our hair rejuvenated and stylish. Summertime makes it particularly challenging – between the heat and the humidity, sometimes I don’t want to leave the house. In the Health and Beauty category of the Swag Store I found some salon quality products from both Bed Head and Biolage and I wanted to share a few things that have worked for me.

Biolage Scalp Therapie Cooling Mint Conditioner has a zest to it, not only does it have a potent, wake up your brain smell but it keeps your hair looking extra shiny day after day. The powerfully refreshing scent sold me, but then when I started to continually receive compliments due to my hair’s overall health, I was stunned. However, it’s easy to get tired of that same look everyday, so naturally we start buying products that damage our hair. You don’t have to, you can try Bed Head Foxy Curls Shampoo & Conditioner.

Foxy Curls will give your hair just enough bounce, wave or curl that you can simply towel dry your hair and scrunch your hands through your locks and you will be able to perfectly rock a messy do free of any unnecessary frizz. Which give you an effortless look for those carefree days. It’s not every day you want to be clean and shiny or messy but it’s great to know simple ways to mix it up that actually keep improving your hair’s health.

Have anyone else ever dabbled with any of the products in the Hair Care section? Or have any simple styling techniques that you have used to keep your hair looking fabulous and healthy?

Until Next Time,