Chase The Code

Extra Extra! Hear all about it! Last week TSG brought to you a special Swag Code for our friends at The Friendship Circle. The idea was to help one of Swag Nation’s favorite charitable organizations take home some of the $250,000 that Chase Bank is giving out as part of the Chase Community Giving initiative. As you hopefully recall, we gave out a Swag Code worth 1 Swag Buck and told you all to go out and get your friends and family to vote for The Friendship Circle as well because the more votes they received, the more we would raise the value of The Swag Code. Read all the details here.

Believe it or not, TSG got some of the details wrong, specifically, the day and time that this contest ended. Yes, even I have been known to make the occasional mistake (but please don’t repeat that to TSGal – it will give her too much pleasure to hear). The real end date for this contest is today at 9:00 pm PDT, not on Saturday evening as I originally reported.

So, to try and get a few more votes for this worthy cause, we’re re-opening the code. If you haven’t already done so, you can apply the code: before 9:00 pm PDT for 1 Swag Buck.

Tomorrow morning, once all the tallies are final, we’re going to go back and raise the value of the code so that everyone automatically receives MORE Swag Bucks than just the 1 lonely one you’ll get now. In fact, as we’ve already gotten more than 5,000 votes, we’ll be raising the value to at least 5 Swag Bucks, meaning everybody who applies this code in time will see 4 more bucks in their account by end of day tomorrow. But the chance to earn even more is there. If we get to 10,000 votes, everyone will end up receiving 9 additional bucks. If we get to 20,000 votes (it’s tough but not impossible) you’ll receive 19 more bucks to bring your total to 20 SBs for this one code!

So, what are you waiting for? Apply the code today and vote for Friendship Circle here. You’ll be aiding a group in need, and helping to pad your Swag Account at the same time. Remember to tell your friends and family to vote too. Even if they are not Swaggernauts, their vote can help you earn more!