Get Into An Uproar

Just like we’re doing with Mayhem, we now have tickets to every date of the Uproar Festival, sponsored by Rockstar energy drink. It all kicks off August 17th in Minneapolis, Minnesota – for a single Swag Buck you can have a chance to see a seriously sick collection of bands, including Disturbed and Search&Win partner Avenged Sevenfold. Don’t live near the Twin Cities? No worries – find the date nearest you and enter to win tickets to that show.

Here’s what makes it extra cool – if you snag a total of 50 or more entries for a show, you’ll be upgraded and have a chance to win tickets in the first 10 rows of the show. Doesn’t matter how you snag those 50, although I should point out that snagging them all at once will cost you a lot less – only 24 Swag Bucks for 50 entries.
Get out there, enter, win and bang your head – not literally, though, Just in the dancing sense.