iDon’t Mean To Alarm you

But you only have 2 hours to enter the Swagstakes for the 8GB iPod Touch. This thing plays songs, movies and TV shows, connects to the internet via WiFi so you can surf the web, watch YouTube videos and download, songs, videos, games and more from iTunes. (Angry Birds is a favorite of mine – simple, yet addictive!)

This device is what the future was always said to be – you’re walking around with a media library in your hand (if you use the kindle app, and actual library too). The drawing for this prize will be held TODAY at 1:00pm PDT, so be sure to enter before then – a single entry will only run you 18 Swag Bucks!
Here’s 9 Swag Bucks to get you halfway to an entry – the code will be active until 12:30pm PDT today.
Good Luck,